Late in July, Dr. Briggs and I delivered your gift to Yang Yan, her mother, and her doctors. As I looked across the room I thought, “This is the girl? A little pale, but otherwise she looks fine.” Then I examined her heart. I could see her heart pounding right through her shirt. Instead of the normal ‘lub dub’ in my stethoscope, only the continual noise of machinery was heard; the classic murmur for patent ductus arteriosus.

Through tears, her mother thanked us. She told us that Yang Yan had no endurance to play or dance with her classmates. She and her husband had no hope for a future for their daughter. Now they hope she will attend college and become a teacher.

Last Sunday, I returned to the dingy hospital room to find Yang Yan, her cheeks still pale. Surgery was scheduled for the following day. Yang Yan nodded when I asked if she was afraid. I prayed for her and left shortly thereafter. I can only make so much small talk in Chinese.

But today…today was different. Today I walked into the dirty hospital room to find an eleven year old girl with rosy cheeks. Yang Yan is still experiencing some pain, but her wounds are healing and her cheeks are aglow. Yang Yan’s color is good, her heart is steady, and her pulses are no longer jumping out of her skin. This little girl has been given a hope for a future.

Thank you for paying for and praying for Yang Yan’s operation. We all thank you from the bottom of our...hearts. (sorry for the pun)


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