Meet Amy, a 3 month old orphan. She was abandoned because she is missing her left forearm and hand.

Meet Linda, only 5 weeks old. She was abandoned because she is a girl. She is tiny but has a great appetite.

Meet David, an 11 month old with bilateral cleft lip and palate, which led to his abandonment. He also has a heart arrhythmia.

Meet Jenna, an 18 month old, who was abandoned because she has minor cerebral palsy. She has been labeled “unadoptable” because of her disabilities, but she is extremely high functioning. Our friends are now fighting to prove that she is very bright and very “adoptable”.

These ore only four of the orphans we worked with on our recent trip to Guizhou. For varying reasons, they were all abandoned. Yet all have been taken into loving foster families while awaiting permanent adoption. There are now over 180 children in the foster care network. It is a beautiful work in progress!

As you can guess, we had a great trip. The overnight train was fun, and we didn’t see a single rat (skinny or fat). What a privilege it was to work with these foster children and their families. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we serve here in China.

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