“Is Dr. Tannous home? . . . We’ve found a newborn baby, and we’d like the doctor to examine her.”

Soon an elderly woman, her unmarried 32 year old daughter, and a tiny bundle arrive at our house. I begin examining the baby, a perfectly formed little girl. No birth defects. No heart murmur. Only significant facial bruising from what must have been a very difficult delivery.

“How old is the baby?” I ask Angie (not her real name), the 32 year old woman.
“Three days old,” she answers.
“Where did you find the baby?”
“My mother found the baby in a graveyard near her home. The baby was wrapped in a cloth, placed in a box, and left to die. We had to wait until dark to rescue the baby so that we wouldn’t be seen.”

My heart sank inside me. How is it possible that newborn babies can be left to die? The most precious gift of life discarded among the dead?

Angie continued her story . . . . “When we finally brought the baby to our home, she had been out in the cold for six hours. Her skin had turned blue.”

“Have you decided what to do with the baby?” I ask. Angie hesitates and replies, “I would like to keep the baby and raise her. But if I decide to keep the baby, I must sign a document forfeiting my rights to have a child of my own if I ever marry. Will you please pray for me? This is a very big decision I must make.”

Three days after Angie had brought the baby to our home, the phone rang. Hoping to hear that Angie had come to a decision, I (Karen) was disappointed to hear her say, “I just don’t know what to do. Everyone has told me that I should not keep the baby. I don’t have peace about it.” Her voice cracked as she began to weep. I knew I couldn’t press Angie into making this life-changing decision, so I encouraged Angie to continue to seek the Father’s guidance.

A week later, Angie called again. This time her voice was confident as she announced, “I have decided to keep the baby. Tomorrow I will go to the police station and sign the paperwork.” Hooray!! This was the phone call we had been waiting for!! Angie continued . . . “All of my friends told me the baby should be raised by a rich family. But my mother already loves the baby very much. I know this baby is a gift from our Father, and He will help me to raise her.”

I reminded Angie that she already possesses a gift greater than all the riches in the world. She has an eternal inheritance that will not pass away. The best gift Angie can give this precious little girl is the knowledge of our Savior and a home that demonstrates His love.

Rejoice with us over this wonderful news. A child who was left to die in a graveyard has now been rescued and taken into a loving home. I remain deeply concerned as I thought about the future of these three women. One, a newborn baby, rescued from a graveyard and given the hope of life. Second, a single woman who hopes to be married; torn between the desire for a family of her own and the desire to raise this little girl. Finally, an elderly woman who does not share her daughter’s faith and who desperately needs to know the hope of eternal life. Please remember them.

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