"Lord, how did I get here?"

"What am I doing in this dark, smoke-filled Tibetan house in the foothills of the Himalayas?"

"How is it that I am changing bandages for this dying Tibetan woman?"

"How can I show her Your love? I can hardly speak Chinese, let alone Tibetan. Father, what do you want?"

These questions flooded my mind as I sat with Dr. Doug Briggs in a Tibetan ranch house two weeks ago.

The man of the house is a Tibetan cattle rancher and a devoted Tibetan Buddhist. His wife is dying; dying from huge erosive wounds on both hips. Her wounds are the direct result of traditional Tibetan medicine given by a local Tibetan healer. The medicine has eaten away at her flesh until she looks like a living cadaver from the waist down. I have never seen wounds like these. I am amazed that she is still living.

Her husband took her to the local lama, but he offered them nothing. However, each day a foreigner drives out to their home to bring food, clean her wounds, give medicine, and offer prayers of hope.

Her husband states that they know many Buddhist monks, but that they've never seen love like these foreigners have.

As we sit next to the woman, she grabs my hand and begs me, "Please take my daughter to Kunming when I die." Doug has told her about the foster school which has many other Tibetan orphans.

I assure the woman we will take good care of her daughter. Ci Ding La Mu is a lovely 10 year old who works very hard on the farm with her older brother. Unlike her brother, she has never been to school. In fact, she has never been to the town of Zhong Dian, which is only 20 miles away. Her father is very proud of her, telling me how well behaved and hard working she is.

I need little convincing. I would love to help Ci Ding La Mu attend the foster school I enjoy so much. A school filled with love, laughter, and hope. A stark contrast to this house of darkness and mourning.

Please remember this family. Beyond physical healing, we long to see spiritual healing in the hearts of each family member. If you would like to help sponsor Ci Ding La Mu, please let us know.

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